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Events to Kick off Spring

April is a great transitional month.  Not only does it usher in the change from winter to spring, but with it a great variety of new events to look forward to.  Here are 5 events to shake up your schedule and welcome in the new season.

Starting off on April 17th, the SmithKlein Gallery is presenting Peter Burega’s artwork.  The gallery, open from 2-6pm, showcases a new series of oil paintings by the talented artist.  His work draws from nature and the appearance of light on different surfaces.  However, unlike more traditional artists, Burega only works with trowels, scrapers, and knives.  These tools create a vastly unique texture on the board.  And everyone’s individual interpretation is a key motivator for the artist.  With no fee, it’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon on Pearl Street.


Just two days later, on April 19th, the Boulder Bookstore is hosting another author to speak about her book.  This month will feature Jessamyn Stanley and her book “Every Body Yoga.”  Her book focuses on inspiring all people to discover yoga.  She takes a very uplifting and body-positive approach to help people of all shapes and sizes.  But, her book isn’t just for people just beginning on their path to yoga.  People already well versed will find her book to offer great new motivations.  Ultimately, the book aims to showcase yoga’s mental benefits over the physical.  A $5 voucher is required to attend, but is also good for $5 off the author’s book.

Switching gears on April 21st is September School’s Battle of the Corporate Band at the Boulder Theater.  September School is Boulder’s longest running independent high school, starting back in 1973.  At that time 5,000 independent high schools opened their doors, but as of 2001 only 2% remained.  They have remained active thanks to their strong relationships they have built with the local community.  This event is just one of their efforts to partner with the people of Boulder to raise money for their scholarship fund.  Tickets are $25 and all proceeds will go toward aiding local students.

If you’re looking for an event that really says Spring, keep April 22nd open.  The Butterfly Pavilion is having one of their $5 days from 9-5pm.  The entire pavilion is open for explorations, including the new and improved crawl-a-see-em.  Those brave enough can hold Rosie, the famous tarantula.  Or, perhaps a starfish is more comfortable.  Whatever the case, 1,600 butterflies await in their little Tropical Rain forest.

Finally, on April 23rd, is the Taste of Pearl.  This event, running from 2-6, is a full on celebration of Boulder’s culinary arts.  Not only will there be plenty of food on offer, but local wines and distilleries are also showcased.  Plus, even more local boutiques and galleries will be open to explore while enjoying the local flavors.  Ticket prices are $65, but include samples from all vendors, food, wine, and spirits and a few other goodies.  This event is for 21 and up, and tickets are likely to sell out so make sure to grab some fast.


February Events


February may be a short month, but is not short on Boulder events.   Valentine’s day is not dominating this month, though any of these events would make a great date night.  Here’s a look at just four events this February has in store for Boulder.

Boulder Bookstore: February 10th, 7:30pm-Laird Hunt and Eleni Sikelianos

Authors Laird Hunt and Eleni Sikelianos will be speaking about, and doing signings, for their new books.  “The Evening Road” by Laird Hunt, is the story of two women on the run through Jim Crow-era Indiana.  The two travel a violence and hate filled America in search of a new life and escape their pasts.  “Make yourself Happy” by Eleni Sikelianos offers an answer for one of the greatest questions: How to live.  This unique book has both text and images sprawled out across the pages in a fresh take on mimicking ideas.  “Humanity, happiness, and the survival of the biosphere spin each section forward, species are wiped out, yet the poem endures.”  Vouchers are $5, and good for $5 off the author’s book or any purchase made that day.

Boulder Public Library: February 12th, 3:15pm- The Boulder Choral

The Boulder Public Library is hosting this all ages event showcasing the Boulder Choral. As part of their concert series, this free event will be an afternoon of live choral music by local performers.  Everyone can come enjoy these beautiful sounds at the Library’s Canyon Theater  with no reservations or tickets required.

Mountain Sun: February 19th, 10pm-1am- Hello, Dollface

If you’re looking for a more instrumental live music experience, Mountain Sun has you covered.  Hello, Dollface, a 2-10 piece band, will be playing live all night.  Their style embraces the energy and soulful nature of music rather than being perfectly precise.  The event is free to enter, but drinks and food are available.  This event is for those 21 and up.

POSHsplt: February 25th, 9-11am- Kid’s Saturday Morning Art Exploration

For those under 21, there’s still plenty of fun to be had.  This event is designed to allow kids a chance to be fully creative.  Participants are encouraged to use all types of materials to create works of art. while working together and independently.  Each group is hosted by an art therapist to make sure everyone is having fun.  Kids will be given as much assistance and support as they need to make something all their own.  With clay, beads, paint, and much more at their fingertips, imaginations can run wild.  At $20 per child, this weekly event is great for inspiring creativity.

Boulder Events in October 2016


October is always a moth filled with unique events in and around Boulder, and this year is no exception.  Here are just a few ideas for those looking to get out and do something unique this month.

City Events: A visual trip through Boulder’s history

For hundreds of years Boulder has been the inspiration to countless artists.  These visual artists have left a history of work that inspired the History of Visual Arts event to begin featuring these works as a means of storytelling and history.  Over 300 local artists’ work spanning the past 121 years will be on display all the way through January 15th, with work on display ranging from famous artists to unknown and even children.  The event is split into 50 smaller features, including 18 galleries, film screenings, and panels throughout Boulder and Longmont.  Every event is free and open to the public, so there’s no reason to miss any of the events that peak your interest.


Music: Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra: Opening Night, Cold War Kids, Cake

October is shaping up to be a great month for anyone looking to go out for night of live music.  For the orchestra fans out there, the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra’s opening night is happening on October 8th at 7:30 pm in Macky Auditorium on CU campus.  Tickets for the event range from $13-$35, and promises to bring classical music back into relevancy.  For those who are looking for a more modern show, the Cold War Kids playing at the Boulder Theater on October 10th is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for all fans of indie rock.  Tickets are still available for $25 if you purchase in advance, or $27 on the day of the event.  Cold War Kids are just a few days behind CAKE, also at the Boulder Theater, on the 14th and 15th.  (SOLD OUT)

Talks: The Nobel Lecture Series Fall 2016

Once again the Boulder Bookstore and University of Colorado at Boulder are hosting their annual Nobel Lecture Series.  The first event of the season is set to focus on the 1994 Nobel Prize for literature winner Kenzaburō Ōe.  Ōe’s short stories, novels, and essays have made him a very important figure in the contemporary literary scene in Japan.  His works often examine philosophical, social, and political issues through the unique lens of his culture.  His ideas on nuclear power and social non-conformism are particularly applicable to current issues in the world.  The event will be hosted by Assistant Professor David Atherton from the department of Asian languages and civilizations at CU Boulder on October 10th at 7pm in the Boulder Bookstore.  The event is free and open for everyone.


Film: Halloween screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show

What better way to celebrate Halloween night than with a live performance of the now not so cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Boulder theater.  The event is being put on by Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient, or CEI for short, who are the premier shadow cast of the Rocky Horror Picture show.  Starting their performances in 2000, CEI is a group recognized on a national scale and even hold the world record for the largest live Rocky showing at over 8,000 people.  The show is open for all ages at a $5 ticket price with doors opening at 7pm and the show starting at 8, so why not get in costume, toast some bread, bring a newspaper, and enjoy the show.