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New Arapahoe Building Project – Waterview

A project that mixes living, shopping, and working could be built on the 5800 block of Arapahoe Avenue. Zocalo Community Development will work with Coburn Architecture and other local firms to build Waterview. The new site will have 10 three-story buildings on the 14.86-acre site. A potential issue is that there will only be one point for entering and exiting from Arapahoe Avenue. The question is if the new traffic will cause problems during rush hours. The picture shows where the enter/exit point will be on Arapahoe.

Overview of plan showing enter and exit point on Arapahoe
Waterview Project Plans showing enter/exit point

The living aspect at Waterview will have 60 studio apartments, 236 one-bedroom apartments, 32 two-bedroom apartments, and 12 two-bedroom townhomes. About 40% of the apartments will be affordable housing. The rest of the new buildings will be for offices and retail stores. Take a look at the picture to see where the residential, retail, and office spaces will be.

Living, Shopping, Working and Playing at Waterview

Zocalo wants to build a new neighborhood that will be friendly for bikers and walkers. The proposed site already has an open space, a creek, and a pond. Zocalo is planning to put in a path for walkers and bikers, and a golf course. They want to make Waterview an appealing eastern entrance into Boulder.

A central parking building will hold 215 parking spaces. The housing units will be built around the parking building so that it is hidden. There will be another 180 parking spaces outside the parking building in the retail and office areas. Those spaces will be mostly inside or underneath various buildings.

All those parking spaces means cars will show up to fill them. And that means more traffic on Arapahoe. The next article talks about how the new project might affect traffic.

This project is in review at the City of Boulder Planning and Development Services. Voice your support and/or concerns at the PLANNING BOARD PUBLIC HEARING Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 6 p.m. in City Council Chambers Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway (corner of Broadway & Canyon).

Denver News: Clear Creek Crossing Development

Ever since 2011, there has been an 80-acre site in Wheat Ridge that has gone unused.  It was originally to be the home of a 185,000 square foot Cabela’s store and showroom, but the retailer backed out of their decision to go forward building on that space.  For five years the land went unused until it was picked up by a Phoenix based real estate group called Evergreen Devco who are very excited about contributing to the area.

“It’s very well-located real estate being at the intersection of the two highways, and we love the visibility and access.  It’s an important piece of property for the city, and we want it to be sustainable for the community long-term,” said Evergreen’s Tyler Carlson.

Evergreen held a community meeting at the end of 2016 where they announced their tentative plans for the space, which was to be used for residential units, an office complex, and a Super Walmart.  Since then, Evergreen and the city have shared that Walmart may no longer be part of the plan.

Wheatridge’s city manager Goff said that “the biggest (change) is that Walmart is uncertain about whether they will be apart of the development now.  It’s just part of the current retail market.  The internet is taking over. Amazon is taking over.”  With that in mind, the city is looking for alternatives in case Walmart doesn’t come through.

Another change is in the amount of space intended for office and housing space.  Originally, 10 acres were to be used for housing and 30 for offices.  However, the revised plan now has 15 acres for housing and 25 for an office complex owned by a Denver area employer.

Construction is set to begin in the fall of this year, starting with “hook ramps” being built onto I-70, with buildings going up in 2018.  All that’s left is for the new plan to be approved by City Council and the city’s planning commission.

“It’s really not changing all that much from what we thought it was going to look like,” Goff said. “We’re excited it’s getting much closer to the finish line than it has been in a long time.”