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Open Space Debate Continues


The opportunity presented by the 20 acres of vacant government land is a subject of great debate.  The issue was shelved in October to reconsider proposals.  On one hand, there are those who wish for the space to be used for new affordable housing.  While on the other, many also want it to remain an open space.  But, before any decision can be made, a plan must go through four separate government bodies.   They are the county Planning Commission, the Board of County Commissioners, the Boulder Planning Board and the Boulder City Council.

The head of Boulder County Housing and Human Services, Frank Alexander, “see[s] this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”  When speaking to the Boulder County Planning Commission members, he stated: “We are truly in an affordable housing crisis.”  Alexander and a member of the BVSD are the main forces behind turning the land into affordable housing.

However, on the other side of the issue is Dave Rechberger.  Rechberger’s organization is arguing to keep the 20 acres of land as open space.  He believes that the property should be viewed as two 10 acre spaces, and treated separately.  His group has legal objections to the plans put forth.  One of which claims the school system would violate state law by using the space for a school or public use.  Rechberger’s Twin Lakes Action Group is “ready, willing and able to fight this in a court of law.”

After a four and a half hour long meeting on January 18th, a vote was taken.   Over 75 people were registered to come in and speak about the issue, with 62 appearing.   These citizens are concerned members of the community taking the opportunity to speak up.  Both sides of the issue were given voice for the commissioners to hear before voting.  In a 4-3 split, with two members of the Planning Commission absent, the land was designated for medium density housing.

It won’t be until February 15th that the Commission votes on possible changes to the current plan.    Unlike January’s meeting, all 9 commissioners will be present. .   Whatever plan is agreed upon in February will then be taken to the county commissioners.  From there, the issue will presented to a public hearing held by the Boulder Planning Board and Boulder City Council.  Only after going through all four government bodies will any plan for this land be accepted.


January Events


Why not make your 2017 resolution to enjoy more of the events Boulder has to offer.  January is shaping up to be a great month to make your resolution a reality. Let’s take a look at some events kicking off 2017.

Boulder Theater: Jan 26th Chevelle

The alternative rock group Chevelle will be performing at the Boulder Theater.  Chavelle has nearly 2 decades of experience and a newly released album.  Opening for the band is Black Map and Dinosaur Pile Up.  The event is for all ages, but kids 15 and under will need a parent with them.  The tickets are tightly priced at $27.50-$30 and are sure to sell out fast.

Boulder Bookstore: January 12, 7:30PM – Adrienne Russell

Adrienne Russell will appear at the Boulder Bookstore on January 12th to speak about her new book, titled “Journalism as Activism.”  The book explores the important aspects of journalism and how it is changing in the modern age.  “Journalism as Activism” delves into the effects of digital journalism as a means to cover issues.  Adrienne Russel will sign books after the appearance.  The voucher to attend is $5 and good for $5 off the book price or any other item the day of the event.

Puzzah! at the Flatiron Mall: All January Long – Escape Room

Escape rooms have been growing in popularity for the past few years all across the country.  A unique puzzle experience where groups of 2-6 must solve puzzles as a team in 60 minutes.  Puzzah! Is a Colorado based company creating unique puzzle rooms for teams to solve.  All through January they are running the Specimen rooms, based on escaping an alien ship.  At $25 per person, it is a great afternoon with friends and family for a fun team building experience like no other.  In addition, there are 2 escape rooms in Boulder if you’d prefer to stay in Boulder.

Jester Dinner Theature: Every Thursday, Friday, & Sunday in January – Seussical

A collection of Dr. Seuss’s most loved characters come together in this original musical.  A young child, Jojo, brings all these characters together in a lighthearted musical.  Familiar characters such as The Cat in the Hat, Horton, and the Whos are just a few of Seuss’ creations to appear.  The music spans a wide range of genres, from Pop, to Latin and Funk.  All the charm of the original stories make this a great show for all ages.  The show will play at the Jester Theatre every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday in January.  Tickets range from just $7.50-$15 so there’s no reason to miss this great family outing.


Boulder Community Hospital Expansion


The Boulder Community Hospital (BCH) at Foothills will be getting a major expansion very soon. Early in October the City Planning Board approved Boulder Community Health’s plan. This expansion will add new facilities just east of the current campus in the Riverbend office park.

The plans are for two major structures to be constructed during the expansion. The first will be a 76,000 square foot medical building. This building will be used for services such as inpatient and outpatient behavioral health, as well as inpatient rehabilitation. Once the expansion is complete, they will begin providing inpatient care first. Only when that is complete will outpatient care will be provided. At the current time, both of these services are done out of the hospital’s Broadway campus. With this transfer of service location, the city will assume ownership of the Broadway campus by the end of 2017. The second major expansion will be a new parking structure according to the plan. The five story parking garage, able to hold close to 500 vehicles, is a direct response to a shortcoming reported by current hospital officials. The garage is designed for possible future.

This expansion is just one part of a 10 year improvement plan BCH. David Ghent, the CEO of BCH, stated that they “ developed a 10-year action plan of operational improvements and changes that are designed to keep BCH the premier provider of health care services in Boulder County.” The expansion project will help accomplish this by consolidating medical services and create newer facilities.

Commenting on the expansion in its entirety, the board chairman John Gerstle and his colleagues said it is a project they are “very supportive” of. “I think for (BCH), it’s quite clear there’s insufficient parking presently available in the new hospital area there, and this will deal with that issue,” Gerstle said, “and the building which will contain…the facilities presently in the old  hospital on Broadway — they need a place to move to once the city takes over. This will be where they wind up, which is an efficiency location, given the nearness to the other hospital facilities and emergency room. So I think people recognize that this makes sense.”

Being a non-profit facility, BCH plans to pay for this expansion in a few ways. The first will be through existing savings, and fundraising. Another source of funding is through issuing bonds. Its A-ranking as a non-profit makes these bonds very appealing to investors.